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Here comes the Shiz...

...there goes the neighborhood

12 August
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Let's see...uhh...Hi. Word. I'm Shane (aka Shizzle)...I'm 18, I live in Rock Hill, SC...I used to go to RHHS, now I'm at Winthrop University...but most people knew that. And most of the crap you need to know is in the interests thingy, word. I say word a lot.
49ers, a christmas story, a tribe called quest, aba, aesop rock, ali shaheed muhammad, alternative rap, asamov, backyard football, baseball, basketball, bearcats, being funny, being pimp, biatch, blah, bloodhound gang, bone thugs n harmony, boston, bubba sparxxx, calvin and hobbes, chappelle, charlotte bobcats, church sports, classic rock, college sports, comedy, common, de la soul, dilated peoples, earth wind and fire, east carolina pirates, eric b. & rakim, flags, fleetwood mac, football, forrest gump, fresh prince, friday night lights, funny stuff, furman paladins, gang starr, gangstar, garth brooks, gettin crunk, good charlotte, goodwill, grandmaster flash, graphic design, hats, high school sports, hip-hop, history, hockey, i forgot, interesting stuff, j-unit, jamaica, jeopardy, jerseys, journalism, jurassic 5, juvenile, kansas, kanye west, kurtis blow, lobsters, ludacris, madden, marvin gaye, masta ace, mf doom, mos def, music, my collarbone hurts, my hat, nas, ncaa football 2005, nelly, nfl europe, ok i'm done now, okay, old school rap, old school video games, oodles of noodles, orange, outkast, park baptist tic tacs, phife, pimp gangster, pointless trivia, pti, public enemy, q-tip, randomness, rap, red hot chili peppers, rhhs, rock, rugby, run dmc, salvation army, sara, sharpies, shawshank redemption, shiat, shizzle, skeet, slick rick, sports, sports history, sports logos, sports memorabilia, sports trivia, sports uniforms, super nintendo, talib kweli, teaching, tecmo bowl, the patriot, the wonder years, throwbacks, trivia, twista, uhh, um, usfl, wfl, what, winthrop eagles, word, writing, yeah, your mom